Lipcolour Tips


If you already know and apply these tips, then give yourself a pat on the back. If you don’t then get ready to step up your lipcolour game!


#1 Use A Lipliner

Now, many do not have the time to do this extra step on a day to day basis, but if you do want perfectly shaped lips for a special occasion using a lipliner will allow you to properly define your lips especially if you plan on using red or dark colours (it actually just works with any colour).


#2 Fill your ENTIRE lips with lipliner

Filling your ENTIRE lips with lipliner will do two things;

  • prolong your lipstick wear without the need to touch up, and;
  • even when your lipstick fades, you have your lipliner there to give you some colour!

PS: Don’t worry about perfectly matching your lipliner to your lipstick.


#3 Plan lipcolour around your outfit and vice versa!

Don’t know what lipstick to wear? Look at your outfit.

If you’re planning bright colours, keep the lip subtle, muted colours or a nude. If your outfit is monochrome or plain colours wear a brighter lipcolour! It’s a sure-fire way to decide what lipcolour to wear!

This also works the other way round, you CAN plan your outfit around your makeup.

If you want to be a little more daring, pick one colour from your outfit, and match your lipstick to that! You could also try mauve hues! Mauve is a subdued purple colour that sometimes has a little hint of red or pink in them. It is a very wearable purple colour and a great way to experiment!


#4 Don’t be afraid to experiment!

If you make a mistake you learn from it! We all learn don’t we? If you wanna try a colour you are afraid of, just work your way to it. Try a more subdued version of the colour and if it works you can go all out! Get some of your best friends’ opinions. They’re your best critics and the most truthful too! Just don’t be afraid! There are only guidelines to makeup, no rules!