Makeup Tips and Tricks: Eyelash-Mascara-Technique

I watched a YouTube video today about a particular mascara that is MYR 95 (aproximately 25.70 USD) that is supposed to be AMAZING!!!! But seriously! MYR 95 for a mascara??? Even if I could get the elusive false lashes effect with a mascara, I ain’t paying MYR 90 for something that lasts no more than 6 months (3 if you’re unlucky).

So here’s a trick for those of you who do NOT wanna spend so much cash on mascara and would like to try and make your own mascara work.

Let me add some disclaimers in addition to all the disclaimers on my “Disclaimer” page. This may not work for you! Or you may have tried and not achieved the desired result. So please, don’t hate on me.




First of all, if you loved a particular mascara because you found the wand effective, don’t throw it away. Clean it with some makeup remover or a brush cleanser and wash it with warm water and baby shampoo. Disinfect it with a sanitiser (for example, alcohol used for wound or even hand sanitisers) and keep it for further use.

Now for the trick.

And please don’t laugh at me if this is too simple a trick that you wasted your time reading this. I apologise if you have found this out earlier than this post has come about or if find this plain laughable. KUDOS to you if have been rocking this trick!!

So put on your mascara as you would and give it a couple of minutes to dry. Put on your lipstick or fix your hair or pick out a handbag/purse while waiting for it to dry. Then grab the old mascara wand you saved (at this point it is just a spooly) and just slowly push you eyelashes upward starting from the bottom and working your way to the tip. Do NOT do it like you would when applying mascara. Just place and push, in a somewhat slow-mo dabbing motion.

What happens is, when mascara dries it becomes stiff and mascaras are designed that way to hold eyelash curls. So the trick is to form the curls when the mascara dries instead of trying to achieve it with too many layers of mascara. Layering several coats of mascara can help, however, layering on too much would create the spidery eyes effect that can be uncomfortable and sometimes unappealing. If you do wanna rock that look then, POWER TO YOU!

Why not use the wand from the mascara itself you ask (if you are pondering these ‘simple’ questions like I am)? Answer; because it would be wet with product silly!!!