Product Empties #21

Last product empties of the year! I will be doing a collective 2017 empties in January but for the moment, here is my last for 2017!

The blurred out product had already been featured and I had discarded the other products to be able to retake the picture… Apologies!

I’ve inserted this picture from the review. I am obviously referring to NC42 on the left. It has reduced a lot more since this picture. Review link here.

This is the Collection Cosmetics Moisturising Lip Cream. Extremely similar to the next product and MUCH cheaper! I went so far as to call it a dupe (post link here). Unfortunately, the brand is no longer available here in Malaysia but this was an amazing product. I don’t think I am going out of my way to purchase this. Purchased it for MYR 10.50 (which seems kind of redundant but hey, for reference purposes anyway).

Already reviewed this; link here.

This is the Dabur Vatika Naturals, styling hair cream. I LOVE this stuff!!! My hair was softer, stronger and healthier. You know something is good when you actually feel a difference. However, I didn’t use it for its intended purpose because as much as I loved the initial scent, it would start smelling like pee after it sat for half an hour or so on the hair. I do tend to have dandruff breakouts (well, go ahead, ewwww away, I don’t care. Spoiler alert, I am human!) but it didn’t really do much for the dandruff. The only way my dandruff is cleaned up is if I wash my hair everyday without fail and when I don’t, it just flares up. Again, not much for the dandruff but for the hair and the scalp! YES! And this small tub was MYR 3.50!!! Definitely repurchasing!

This is the Innisfree Whitening Pore Cream. Won this from a giveaway and was featured in an old haul. I did just start using it this year and finally finished it up. I am not a fan of anything that markets itself as whitening, however, this cream was nice, absorbed well and smelled good. Didn’t do much to “whiten” though… My gripe with it was, after a couple of hours my face oiled up a little more than it usually does. Not anything too bad but I would have a strong urge to blot my face. I love using it at night because in the morning my skin is nice and plump and bouncy. Wouldn’t purchase it because I checked out the price online and it is a whopping MYR 125! Nope!

Makeup Dupe #2

Update: Collection, i.e. the brand of the dupe product is no longer available in Malaysia at Watsons.

NYX as a brand is pretty affordable, however, currency-to-currency it does cost more here in Malaysia than if one was to purchase it in America. This dupe was totally coincidental. I actually bought this product from a local drugstore after having heard really good things about it from several YouTubers AND also because it was on sale for a really good price! Only after having bought and used it I realised a striking similarity between the two and realised they swatch almost the same.

The product I’m duping is the NYX SMLC (Soft Matte Lip Cream) in London.


The dupe is the Collection Cosmetics Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream in Angel Delight.


It just isn’t the product inside, just take a look at the packaging side by side.


It has the same plastic bottle with raised black font and a matte finish applicator handle.


Even the doe foot applicator looks the same!

Below is a swatch side by side. There’s a slight difference in that that the Collection one is a little more pink than the NYX one.


Albeit the slight difference in colour both products feel and look the same on the lips. They even smell similar!

The NYX at Sephora; MYR 30

The Collection (Watsons exclusive); MYR 10.50

I could buy three Collection ones for the price one NYX!!!

Collection Work the Colour Cosmetics, Lock n Hold Lipgloss

I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone that reads my blog know that I have very little use for lipgloss. My dance makeup or even my guy makeup does not involve them. On top of that, lipgloss is the last on my list of makeup faves. So I’ll rarely do reviews for lipglosses which is why I am including this as a non-categorised post. However, I will give you all the details. And if I do use this product enough I may just do a review for it.

It’s all about the Collection Work the Colour, Lock n Hold Lipgloss. Collection Work the Colour is a makeup company based in the UK and they were introduced to Malaysians early last year. They’re available in selected Watsons and F-Block stores in Malaysia. The line of makeup was founded in 1987 which means they have been in the business 2 years shy of 30 years. I did Google it to see if any Malaysian beauty bloggers had blogged about this particular product i.e. the Lock n Hold Lipgloss. I also tried searching on YouTube if any Malaysians beauty YouTubers had reviewed/introduced the product. I failed on both accounts. I then headed over to the Collection Work the Colour Malaysian website and the product was not listed. It was, however listed on the UK website. So I am guessing the product is little known or has yet been introduced to the masses (or even beauty bloggers) in Malaysia. I got this product because I entered a small giveaway for Mother’s Day via the Collection Cosmetics Facebook page (yes, there were two and I gave mom one!!!). So I don’t even know how much this costs!

The product.

The product.

Description on the back.

Description on the back including the shade I have it in (Body Pop).

The description peels off to reveal ingredients and other details.

The description peels off to reveal ingredients and other details.

It comes with a standard doe-foot applicator. However, it is very flexible as shown in the following picture.

It comes with a standard doe-foot applicator. However, it is very flexible as shown in the following picture.

It is really flexible.

It is really flexible.

The product has a fruity scent but unlike other lipglosses, it isn’t as thick and gloppy. The other thing to note is, the product is devoid of glitter. On the other hand, the product can bleed. The shade I have (Body Pop) is quite sheer and not very pigmented and thus it isn’t a mess to apply. Even when it does spread, it doesn’t look horrible. I haven’t tried many liglosses but I don’t hate this one.

I have some swatches too.

Just the product. It appears much more sheer on the lips.

Just the product. It appears much more sheer on the lips.

Since the colour is quite sheer, layering it on a lipstick may be a better alternative.

A matte lipstick.

A velvet matte lipstick.

The lipgloss over the lipstick.

The lipgloss over the lipstick.

Lipgloss junkies should definitely give this product a try if you can find it. I would love to read other reviews from other Malaysian beauty bloggers.