Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Beauty Assistants


Everyone seem to enjoy what I call my “controversial” posts which aren’t really that deviant anyway.

So here’s another that I am sure you’d either laugh at or laugh with… Annoying things beauty assistants in beauty stores (and even drugstores) do!

Beauty Assistants (BA) are humans too! Well, case and point!

In order of the least irritating/annoying to the worst (for me at least).


10. They are not there when you need them and vice versa!

Oh yes, don’t deny it, we’ve all waited religiously around a counter for a BA to help you when every other time you didn’t need them they would be following you around like a pesky fruit fly!!! Especially when you desperately need to ask them if a product has already been restocked.

Image from Popkey.

9. The BAs that bash brands they don’t represent.

This is from personal experience. I’ve used a liquid liner for dance which worked amazingly for me but this little BA had the audacity to criticise the very liner which was already in my small hand held shopping cart comparing it to the brand she was endorsing.

Image from Wikia.

8. BAs with horrible makeup

Sometimes you wonder if some of them are secretly famous YouTubers who were confident enough to walk out the door to their day job after having filmed the No Mirror Makeup Challenge!

Some of them have such cakey foundation I can start frosting it!!!

7. BAs that talk in another language because they think you don’t understand.

YES, this HAS happened to me. Especially the ones that speak Mandarin because they think you don’t understand. I of course can’t understand if one speaks in public speaking capacity but I do understand if you say something conversational in the lines of….

…..”This ‘person’ isn’t going to buy anything. Just look at him.”

So I once caught on to a BA speaking ill of me in Mandarin and on my way out after making a purchase, I said;

小姐, 谢谢 您! 再见!

Which translates to Miss, thank you, good bye!

Image from Giphy.

6. Giving bad advice.

Once, I overheard a BA actually telling a poor woman that she should use foundation lighter than her skin tone!

Image from Giphy.

5. Giving undue advice.

I’ve actually mentioned this before; how a BA tried telling me to try out liquid lipsticks like I knew nothing about lipsticks (link here). Read the post, you’ll enjoy that too…

Image from Giphy.

4. The one that’s always in a bad mood.

Like I said, BAs are human beings, case AND point!

If a humanoid robot was attending to you, it would smile all day long!

Dear BAs if you are working in a capacity to deal with people and your job requires you to be nice to people, LEAVE YOUR PROBLEMS AT HOME!!!

And please SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!

Image from Tumblr.

3. Following you around

This is just downright annoying!!!

Image from QuickMeme.

Image from QuickMeme.

2. The condescending tone

You know they know nothing about what you can do with a liner AND they talk to you like you know nothing.

Not in an eager, ‘let me help you’ way but in a snobbish ‘you’re such an idiot, I’ll show you how it’s done’ kinda way.

And every time they do this, I want to sit them down and ask for a winged liner showdown.

We’ll see who wins!!!

Image from We ❤ It.


Before I mention my number one here are two honourable (or in this instance dishonourable) mentions.

  • Overselling something – This is amazing, buy buy buy buy!!!!!!!
  • The statue – Oh you’re a real human… So your job is to just look pretty beside the counter and nothing else???



My number 1…


*drum rolls*


1. The judgemental look.

Often, it isn’t even something they say, it is just the way the look at you.

When you say, “thanks, I will just look around”, they give you a head to toe stare and even an eye roll or two.

A thousand inferences can be deduced from that one stare;

“He’s going to steal something.”

“He’s going to break something.”

“What does he know about makeup.”

“Oh look at that clueless creep swatching eyeshadows. Does he know what eyeshadow is?”

“Ummm, should I tell him this is a makeup store?”

They often think I don’t notice, but I do…

I always do!!!


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