Product Empties #13 (18 products)

It’s been a while since my last product empties and needless to say it has piled up, 18 products high!!!


MAKEUP! (One product is missing but I’ll be sure to insert it).






I bought this box of 8 pairs of false lashes and put it to good use on my co-stars during a stage play. They were cheap ones but I have forgotten the price. At most 2 to 3 uses then the band sort of starts pulling apart when I tried to take off excess glue. The band is thick and unwielding. Definitely not good falsies but they are thick and give the eyes a dramatic effect. Definitely not repurchasing this one.

How the lashes look.

How the lashes look.


Eye open…


This is the I ❤ Stage Eyeshadow Base from the brand Essence. I have reviewed it in the past. I plan on updating the post and re-blogging it but meanwhile read about it here! I have already repurchased this.


 This is an eyeliner that I bought from Daiso after watching a YouTube video but I didn’t really like it. I just used it to scribble on my hand with all those hand art stuff that I do and also draw on a moustache for a fellow stage actor. I find that it is not as smooth on the eyelids and tugs on the skin. Not repurchasing it (costs MyR 5.30).


This is the Silkygirl Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner. I have reviewed it before (link here) and in fact, it has shown up in another product empties post (link here) but the one in this picture was their limited edition packaging that I got for the fun of it. Purchased it at MYR 10. Don’t plan on repurchasing just because I do have other eyeliners to try out.


This is a lip balm from the brand Bell Star which I bought from my trip to Thailand (trip post here and haul post here). It was an ok lip balm, didn’t really do anything phenomenal for my lips nor was it all that bad. Even if I could I don’t think I’d repurchase this.


This is the Muji facial cottons, a cult classic in the beauty world. This is said to be a dupe for the Shiseido facial cottons. I do plan on reviewing it but at the moment, lets just say that I love it. It costs MYR 10.90 here in Malaysia. Yes, I have backups!

There’s one product which is not in the picture because I had tossed it away not knowing that I hadn’t put it into an empties post.


This is the Elianto Activewear Mascara which I have reviewed before so thank God I have a picture of it (review link here). I wouldn’t repurchase it because I have got at least 3 different unopened mascaras and one I am still working on.

Moving on to the two big products…


This is the Bath and Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist in Wild Madgascar Vanilla. It was given to me by my director as a token of appreciation for starring in his play. I freaking love this scent! Sweet vanilla scent, a lot like some scented lip products and some of you may know that I happen to love this (little things in makeup I love post). Yes, I have repurchased it (for MYR 38; original price MYR 73).


This was from the first haul I ever posted on FiercePaint (link here), I used it once and I hated it because it has an intense warming effect on the skin perhaps due to the fact that it claims to sculpt the body. However, when I started trying to loose weight, I just used by mixing it with my regular body shampoo. I still hated it and I have no idea if it actually “sculpted” my body. Not repurchasing it at the moment but I am very curious if continued usage may help. Hmmmppphhh. Cost; MYR 13.30.

Moving on to the rest of the bunch.


 This is a hand cream from the brand Eubos that was in one of my haul posts (link here) and I just could not get over how oily my hands felt everytime I used it, however, I found better use for it! I used it on my feet! Oh boy did it work wonders! Try it! I may just repurchase it for the feet exclusively (price; MYR 7.90 for a trial size)!


 This is the Biore Facial Foam in Pure Mild. It’s ok. Not great, not bad, not going to re-purchase. Costs MYR 10.80.


This is the Ponybrown Happy Sense Baby Whip hand cream. I’ve used up one before (product empties post link here). I like it because they absorb well into the skin and does not feel sticky. I do prefer the previous one but this is nice too. I won’t repurchase this because I do want to try others (cost MYR 19.90 for 3).


I got this Dettol Gold body wash trial pack from a dear friend, Daniel (hi love!!!). He purchased something else and got this for free, so he gave it to me. There appears to be gold flakes in it which, I am pretty sure, for a product this cheap cannot be real gold flakes. It was alright. Body feels clean. Thumbs up! May just purchase the full bottle if it isn’t too pricey.


This is the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner. This was featured in one of my haul post (link here). This burned my skin! But since it was a 60 ml bottle I powered through and finished it. Surprisingly didn’t dry my skin out and my skin did stay blemish free! I would repurchase but I simply cannot stand the burning sensation (original price MYR 13.70, purchased for MYR 6.85).


This is the Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser. This was featured in a haul post (link here) and I’ve used another in the white tube (product empties post link here). I kinda love this stuff. Plan on purchasing the full bottle when there’s a promotion (costs MYR 2.90).


I pulled this picture from my archives because I forgot to shoot a close up picture! Damn it!!! Anyways, I featured this in a Products I Stopped Using post (link here) and also a hack post (link here). Click those two links to see how I ended up finishing this. Not repurchasing. Costs MYR 11.50, purchased for MYR 9.80.


I got this sample from Facial Malaysia (website link here and Facebook page link here). Nana, the person that runs Facial Malaysia is the nicest person ever! She sent me some skincare products from Paula’s Choice to try out for an honest review exchange and I absolutely loved them (review link here). This one was good too! It worked well and my skin did alright considering that I am very prone to razor burns because I don’t shave unless necessary (I typically trim my beard). If you need more information do check out the Facebook page and the website.


This is the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask which I won from Fiona of Street Love (the most read Malaysia beauty blog! Blog link here). I featured the product in a I Won post (link here). This nice rejuvenating mask revived my tired skin which was suffering from heavy makeup application. About repurchasing, I don’t think I would, only because it is so expensive here!

Phew!!! That was A LOT! Thanks for being with me guys!

Lots of love!


*air kisses*

Product Empties #5



IMG_3637I’ve done a review on the Maybelline Baby Lips balm here. Everything, including price and where to buy it is included in the review. Not going to repurchase because I have LOTS more lip balms to try out.

IMG_3638I got this sample size cleanser (1 fluid ounce/29ml) for completing a survey so there isn’t a price to it. You can follow the Cetaphil Malaysia Facebook page (here) for announcement on free samples giveaways. They have such giveaways very frequently and the samples are delivered to your doorstep! 😀 The cleanser is mild and doesn’t lather like normal cleansers do which I appreciate. It means that moisture isn’t being stripped off your skin. Now I don’t think I have reached the point to pay retail price for these cleansers. Cetaphil cleansers are pricier here in Malaysia, so I’d wait for a discount or a good deal.

IMG_3643I have done an entire review on this mascara i.e. the Silkygirl Eye Opener mascara (here). Everything including price and where to buy them is included in the review. I will not be repurchasing this mascara.

IMG_3650I wrote about this cleanser in my first haul post (here). I personally didn’t like this cleanser but that doesn’t mean that it is bad. It is very suitable for guys because it is a cleanser that gives a fresh feeling to the skin and makes skin feel properly cleansed. If you plan on introducing this cleanser to your husband/boyfriend/brother/relative/male friend then do go ahead. They would appreciate it! Its cost and more information are detailed in the haul post. I wouldn’t repurchase this cleanser only because I am trying out other cleansers at the moment.

IMG_3642This is my staple, everyday Adidas EDT in Ice Dive that I love! It’s got a very refreshing scent that’s pretty potent. Very reminiscent of the Polo Blue EDT by Ralph Lauren. I always look out for a sale to purchase it because I go through them very fast and although it is affordable I would not call it cheap (not by my standards anyway). They retail for MYR 39.90 at Watsons and MYR 31.95 at Guardian. I will continue repurchasing this again and again and again.

Product Empties #4

If you didn’t already know, every time I finish 5 beauty/makeup/skin care products I do a Product Empties post. I don’t repeat products unless it’s some kind of a flavour or colour variation. This time around I don’t have any makeup products.


IMG_3053This is the Simple skincare toner. It is an every day kind of toner. I don’t have sensitive skin and since it is a ‘kind to skin’ it doesn’t really impact my skin that much. If you do have sensitive skin, you ought to give this product a try. Simple is probably one of the most affordable skin care brands at the drugstores in Malaysia. This retails for MYR 17.90 and you can definitely buy it at a cheaper price! Won’t be repurchasing this just because I do want to give other products a try.





IMG_3054This is another Simple product; it is the moisturiser. The problem I had with this is, if I am going out and I am using this moisturiser, my face tends to become very oily. I later switched to applying it before going to bed and when I wake up in the morning my skin does feel a little softer. This retails for MYR 17.90 as well and again, you can definitely buy it at a cheaper price. Won’t be repurchasing this just because I do want to give other products a try.





IMG_3061This is the Etude House hand cream that I shared in a previous post here. They are really nice. Smells pleasant but not too overpowering, absorbs well and feels good on the hands. It retails for MYR 23 but I bought on sale for MYR 10. Will definitely repurchase but only when discounts are offered in the future.



IMG_3044This is the Montagne Jeunesse (now known as 7th Heaven) face mask which I also featured in the previous Product Empties post here. I prefer the previous one to this one but this one smells better. It didn’t really have a profound effect as the previous one did. I got this from Colours Cosmetics Malaysia but they are apparently available at Watsons and retails for MYR 6.90. I may purchase another one or two different flavours in the future!





IMG_3041I featured this in a haul post here. This is a men’s fragrance and it is a local brand available at Watsons. The scent it pretty strong and masculine (forgive me but I am horrible at describing scents). 100ml is plenty and it lasted me longer than I thought it would. It cost only MYR 13.30 and again, like everything at the drugstore, you can most definitely get it for a discount. The only downside is that it does not last on me. 2-3 hours is the most it seems to stick on me. I doubt I’ll repurchase this.

Haul; Skincare (#1)

First of all, I thought I would NEVER EVER do a haul post on my blog because I was a little apprehensive as to how the post may be received/perceived. However, my blog headline does read #SharingisCaring so why not share, occasionally, what I have purchased. I wouldn’t post hauls very often but if there’s new and interesting beauty-related products out there that I have purchased, I will most definitely share it here!

I have been using drugstore skincare item that are mostly geared for gentler skin. So when Watsons announced this new skincare/hair care/personal care line I was intrigued because, #1; it had a very affordable price tag, #2; it is a local brand and #3 it was created specifically for men. Now, my dear readers, I have never used gender specific pronouns in my posts when referring to all of you but, ladies reading this, I am sorry, this isn’t something you would want try out for yourself (at least I don’t think it is; if you want to then power to you!!!)… But hey, I am sure you have friends, boyfriends, brothers, fathers, uncles, nephews etc, so perhaps they might want to give it a go.

Please be notified that this is a haul post, so I know NOTHING about the effectiveness of these products.


Ooooooo...... I am digging the packaging!

Ooooooo…… I am diggin’ the packagin’.


First is a fragrance and they have a name for it too! "Call to arms". 100ml and retails for MYR 13.30 (with current promotion; MYR 12.80).

First is a fragrance and they have a name for it too! “Call to Arms”. 100ml of product and retails for MYR 13.30 (with current promotion; MYR 12.80). I’d suggest sniffing it first before buying; the scent may not agree with everyone.


Next is a body sculpting shower gel called "Lean, Mean Machine". 400 ml of product and retails for MYR 13.30 (because I purchased the fragrance, there was a 30% discount which cost me MYR 9.30).

Next is a body sculpting shower gel called “Lean, Mean Machine”. 400 ml of product and retails for MYR 13.30 (because I purchased the fragrance, there was a 30% discount which ended up costing me MYR 9.30).


Next is a sculpting hair clay called "Like a Boss". Look at that macho lion! There's 50 g of product in it (that's a lot!!!) and retails for MYR 13.30 (with promotion, the clay cost me MYR 12.80).

Next is a sculpting hair clay called “Like a Boss”. Look at that macho lion! There’s 50 g of product in it (that’s a lot!!!) and retails for MYR 13.30 (with promotion, the clay cost me MYR 12.80).


And last but not least, an energising facial cleanser called "Baby-Faced Assassin". Ouuuwww snap!!!!! I feel so macho!!! There's 100ml of product and retails for MYR 13.30 (with promotion it cost me MYR 10.65!).

And last but not least, an energising facial cleanser called “Baby-Faced Assassin”. Ouuuwww snap!!!!! I feel so macho!!! There’s 100ml of product and retails for MYR 13.30 (with promotion it cost me MYR 10.65!).


I will use these products and give my short reviews on a product empties post in the future. Something tells me that the body sculpting shower gel will be the first to go. Hahaha!

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