I Have Entered YouTube Territory

I do want to get into YouTube, if not to earn of it, just for the hype of it alone. However, I don’t have the proper camera or lighting to do it nor can I afford such luxuries at this point.

I was just playing around with the camera I currently use for my pictures which does not come with auto-focus feature in video mode. I also did not bother using a viewfinder and just relied on a mirror to see a reflection of the video being recorded! 😛 😛 😛


The resulting video was messy, at times out of focus, and seemed like it was shot with an old handphone camera in a dark room. *cringe* However, my winged liner turn out better than expected. So, I went on to edit the video and on a whim, grew a pair (excuse my language) and posted it on YouTube!!! *cue horror movie screams*

Oh well, I am more confident of my makeup skills than I am of my video recording and editing skills so hey, why not?

When I was actually going back and forth about putting up the video, I remembered an advice from a favourite beauty YouTuber of mine; Tati a.k.a GlamLifeGuru. In a QnA video, she was once asked “what is your top tips for starting a (YouTube) channel and she replied (quoted);

“Don’t wait, just, you know, hop right in, get started, figure things out as you go. Otherwise, more likely than not you just won’t start. If you are waiting to get the right camera, the right lighting, the right makeup, the right everything, it’s just not gonna happen.”

So Tatiana Westbrook, I am taking your advice!

Here is my video! 😆

So hey, I guess I am a beauty YouTuber now… 😛 I know I know, one video, does not a beauty YouTuber, make.

And I guess I agree. 🙄