Mentholatum, Lip Balm Review

This is going to be another short review about another lip balm.


The balm.

Labels and logo.

Labels and logo.

The product. I am halfway through with the purple base already showing.

The product. I am only halfway through with the purple base already showing. And it has been several months since I’ve bought it.


It is a lip balm therapy that contains camphor for healing dry and chapped lips. It appears white in the tube and swatches translucent. It comes with SPF15.

Price: Anywhere between MYR 10-12 depending on where you buy it and factoring in discounts (prices could possible be lower with special discounts or offers).

Where to buy: It is available in most places that sell lip balm (basically almost every drugstore/pharmacy).



It does provide the tingling sensation that is related to camphor and thus, soothes skin.

It relieves chapped and dry lips really well.

No strong taste or smell.

Hasn’t caused me any problems or allergies.



It feels very waxy and so it can seem very heavy on the lips. After the tingly feeling fades away all you would want to do is just wipe it off.

It tends to be difficult to apply onto cold lips especially if you are in air conditioning for long periods of time. I am guessing that the product (or the lips) needs to be warmed up to sort of melt it a little bit so that it glides more smoothly.




Nothing groundbreaking or exceptional but it does live up to its claims. I feel the pros only just outweigh the cons.