Silkygirl Eye Opener Waterproof Mascara Review

Silkygirl cosmetics is owned by Alliance Cosmetics Pvt Ltd, the same company that carries Revlon Malaysia. They’re well established and Silkygirl as a brand has been around since 2005.

Today lets look into the Sillkygirl Eye Opener Waterproof Mascara.


The product.

The product.


The wand.

The wand.



It is a mascara with a plastic rubber wand which is quite slim. It comes in only black (01 Black) and there’s 5ml of product. The bristles are hard but the wand is quite flexible. The mascara formula is quite a wet one and it claims to be waterproof.

Where to buy: Most drugstores and supermarkets/hypermarkets/malls in Malaysia.

Price: MYR 10 (sometimes even cheaper).


Bare eyelashes.

My bare eyelashes. My lashes are usually very invisible.


One coat.

One coat.


Two coats.

Two coats.



It is cheap!

It is easy to remove.



Because the formula is quite wet, it makes my lashes clump together. It is pretty obvious in the second picture. I’ll add a comparison picture with my other Silkygirl mascara.

It takes quite a while to dry. 

It smudges (I don’t have oily eyelids).

It feels sticky even when completely dry. Sometimes my top lashes and bottom lashes kinda stick together.

Although it says it is waterproof it actually easily flakes off with water. No makeup remover needed; which also means crying and sweating will result in mascara fall out.

The wet formula hinders separation so a lot of the product has to be taken off the wand before application. However, because the bristles are so hard, excess product cannot be removed from it which is perhaps the other reason it tends to clump up my lashes.

You can actually poke yourself with the wand because it is so hard! It’s not pleasant, trust me!


See how my eyelashes on the right is nicely separated and the one on the left is clumped together.

Comparison pic: see how my eyelashes on the right is nicely separated and the one on the left is clumped together.




I really did not enjoy this mascara. I have tried waiting for it to dry out (sometimes wet formulas work better when slightly dried out). I have tried taking excess product off with a tissue and with a cloth (the tissue tore and it pulled threads out of the cloth). I have also tried taking off excess product with another wand (a lot of product still remains). Nothing has worked thus far. Sorry Silkygirl, I love you but this is a dud product for me.