Makeup Suggestion; Nude Lipstick for Indian Skin Tones (Maybelline and Silkygirl)

When you are a deeper skin tone because you are Indian, finding a proper nude shade in Malaysia, in the drugstores specifically is a challenge! And when the lady at the drugstore counter shows you a nude lipstick, you swatch it and it does seem like it is nude because it matches you skin tone. So you take her word, buy it, take it home and swipe it on your lips only to realise that it is way too light!

*cue horror music*


Yes, this post is for Indians out there who are looking for nude lipsticks and cannot find one that suits you. I have two great choices for you and they are both affordable although one is more affordable than the other. They go on smoothly, they won’t, dry out the lips or feel heavy.

The first one is from Maybelline, from its ColorSensational line and it is in the shade 275 (Crazy for Coffee). And the other one is from the Silkygirl, from its Moisture Smooth line and it is in the shade 05 (Dark Brown). The Maybelline one has a cake batter scent that is so good you almost want to eat it! The Silkygirl one does not have any scent. Neither has a bad taste (this is important if you tend to lick your lips a lot).


Maybelline can cost anywhere from MYR 20 to MYR 35 (for 4.2 grams of product).

The Silkygirl can cost anywhere from MYR 10 to MYR 14 (for 3.5 grams of product).

Both prices depend on where buy you it and factoring in discounts. Both brands are available in drugstores like Watsons, Guardian, Caring, and even Sasa. There is a small difference in amount of product but the Maybelline is twice the price of the Silkygirl. The Silkygirl is a close dupe for the Maybelline one (wow, I am duping drugstore products with drugstore products!!!). Always lookout for discounts!!!

Ultimately I prefer the Maybelline one over the Silkygirl one but the Silkygirl is definitely a cheaper alternative.

Below are some pictures.




Both colours are so close. The only difference is the Maybelline one is slightly pink tone compared to the Silkygirl one.

Both colours are so close. The only difference is the Maybelline one is slightly pink toned compared to the Silkygirl one. And you can see how close it is to my skin tone which is good as a nude shade.

These two are merely suggestions and it may or may not work for you (even if you are similar to my skin tone), however, there is a way for you to find your own perfect nude lip shade. Instead of finding a lipstick shade that similar to your skin tone and matches your complexion, lift you lips and look at the colour of your gum. That is your perfect nude shade!

Hope this helps all you Indians out there! Happy shopping!