Product Empties #18

I have already reviewed this. Link here.

This is a shimmery green eyeshadow from the brand Savee. It is a local retail brand with really affordable products (almost bordering on cheap) but not really talked about. I crushed this eyeshadow up to use for the NYX Face Awards entry. Ended up using most of it but I did manage to retain some to do a hand swatch.

Ingredients list.

Hand swatch.

In terms of performance, it was pretty good for a MYR 2 eyeshadow. It is a local brand and I guess that’s the reason for the price tag. The ingredients are questionable though. I probably wouldn’t repurchase but I do believe these are discontinued and they have a new line of eyeshadows.

I have already reviewed this. Link here.

Purchased because I wanted to redeem the 100 points free sample. Again, I am one of those people who do not see much difference after using a mask! And this was the same. I did like the cooling, almost plumping kind of effect.

This tiny tub is about 3/4 full but I have stopped using it. Here’s the story; there were specific times in the past where my lips would crack and split, making it sting and I used to always dismiss it off as me not being properly hydrated. However, when that happened even with me being hydrated I  started thinking of what I was doing differently and realised it may have been because of this. And so I deliberately experimented and found out that this was the culprit. I know that there has been mixed reviews with this product. Some people swear by it, others didn’t really feel much of a difference. Mine seems to be little more extreme. This would have been a product regret if I did purchase it but this was a gift so no regrets here. Would NOT purchase.

Etude House My Beauty Tool Brush 130 Contour Review

Etude House is a Korean brand that was established in 1985 and they’ve been in Malaysia for quite a while now. I’ve reviewed a product from the brand in the past, which was the Play 101 Pencil (review link here) and I have also written about their hand creams (link here).

This is a review on the My Beauty Tool (which is a line of makeup brushes and sponges I believe), Face Brush 130 Contour.


Description on the back, mostly in Korean.

The tiny little English bit.

The brush. I want to bring to your attention the beautiful ferrule (visit Makeup Lingo Dictionary to see what this means; link here).

Bristles up close.

Very soft and very loosely packed.


Makeup brush intended for applying and blending out contour.

Bristles: Horse hair (information retrieved from the Etude House website). Long very loosely packed bristles.

Ferrule: Aluminum and very beautifully finished!

Handle: Wood with a light pink glossy finish.

Price: MYR 51 (price may have increased).

Where to buy: Etude House counters nationwide.



Extremely soft.

Hasn’t shed since I’ve bought and used it (has been over a year and a half); that’s saying a lot considering it’s natural hair bristles!

It is multi-functional (blending eyeshadow, applying highlighter, dusting off powder).

Sturdy ferrule and handle!



Extra care is needed when cleaning.


Note: It is natural hair bristles so that may be something to consider.




I love this brush and my best use for it is applying highlighter! If you own a similar brush try it!

Product Empties #15



 This is the famous Biore pore pack and boy oh boy is it satisfying to use! I don’t have visible black heads and so this isn’t something I need. But just using it and peeling it off is strangely therapeutic. I just wanted to see if I had all that problems on my nose to remove, which I had very little of. Won’t be purchasing this again.


I have a confession to make. As much as I love using face masks, I have never really felt a big difference after using one except being rejuvenated and refreshed. I don’t want to be an unappreciative asshole because this was a gift, but more than feeling refreshed and rejuvenated I didn’t really see a difference with my facial skin after using this.


Give this brand a try I say! Probably one of the best drugstore facial cleansers I have used in a while for its price. It’s MYR 12.90!!! This one in particular has dissolving micro-beads in it. I won’t be repurchasing this one but there’s another I am currently using which I will.


I have reviewed this (post link here).


I actually liked this brow pencil from Etude House but I dropped it and I’m guessing the product inside broke. Every time I sharpened it, the nib kept breaking off. I whittled it down until I couldn’t sharpen it anymore. Don’t think I will be repurchasing this.


Gone….. ALL gone! See why I don’t like sharpening makeup pencils!!!

Collaboration; Best Beauty Discoveries of 2016!!!

Again, we’re back at it. Fellow blogger Lakshmi (author of Big is Compatible, link here) and Instagrammers, Geetha (@geethavijaymakeup), and Esther (@estherkaurmann) and I have collaborated on Instagram to bring you our best beauty discoveries of 2016.


I have 9 products all of which I discovered in 2016!

1. Maybelline Micellar Water (makeup remover)


I’ve already reviewed this, link here.

2. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist


I really wouldn’t know where to begin reviewing this so I am not going to. If you need a refreshing mist or even something to wet your makeup brush to pack product on, this is perhaps the most affordable mist you could use! Try it! It smells great and refreshes the skin.

3. Catrice Blush Artist Shading Palette in 010 Bronzeclat


I am not a big fan of the highlighter trend and with that being said the two highlighters in this palette aren’t all that impressive anyway. But the deep matte blusher on the left is absolutely beautiful!!! Have yet to test out longevity but it blends beautifully and is perfect for dark skin!

4. Essence Shading Powder


I purchased this towards the end of 2015 but only started using this in 2016 so I’d consider this a 2016 discovery. The bronzer is apparently a dupe for the Benefit Hoola bronzer. I’d have to check that out myself in the future. Again, I really don’t care for the highlighter but the bronzer blends easily and is pretty neutral so one could use it to contour as well.

5. Essence Mosaic Blush in 30, Kissed by the Sun


This is too light to show up as a blush on me but, because the mosaics are made up of both shimmery and matte components, they end up mixing into a perfect highlighter shade for dark skin! It is pretty subtle which is why I love this! I can get away with this even with boy makeup. I was gifted this by Lakshmi for my birthday! Thanks love!

6. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


This is a perfect replacement for my Stila sponge which I had to part with. This one hasn’t torn yet and it does a good job. I do prefer the Stila sponge over this but this is much more affordable if purchased via an IG shop.

7. Makeup Revolution Blush in Sugar


I got this in a giveaway and it came all the way from England!!! I won this from Rachael, author of Helpless Whilst Drying (link here). Makeup Revolution was previously available in Malaysia but they somehow got lost into obscurity. This blush is amazing!

8. Breena Beauty Eye Essential Kit Makeup Brushes

How gorgeous are those brushes and the packaging too!!!

High quality, vegan, cruelty free brushes! I wrote an entire first impressions post on these brushes (link here). They now offer international shipping!

9. Etude House My Beauty Tool Face Brush 130 Contour


I bought this in 2015 but only discovered its best use in 2016. I used this first as an eyeshadow blending brush but realised that MannyMua liked using makeup brushes with long loosely packed bristles to highlight, much like this one. Baby, I tried it with this brush and I was sold! I hate using a fan brush to highlight because of its sloppy nature. I don’t own one and don’t think I need to…

So there you go!

My best 2016 beauty discoveries!

PS: There’s one product there that isn’t included in this list but makes two appearances. It is the Essence Make Me Brow eyebrow gel mascara. It’s not here because it made my ride or die list (post link here) and I’ve reviewed it before (review link here).

Etude House Play 101 Pencil (49) Review

Etude House is a Korean brand that has been around in Malaysia for quite a while. Although a retail brand their prices are mid-range and some of their products are pretty affordable, especially during their promotions and sales. They offer a wide range of skincare and makeup products (their foundations and concealers however, are geared toward fair skin). One of their most eye catching products is the Play 101 Pencil which comes in a wide selection of colours. The company claims that they are multi purpose, viable from eyes to cheeks to lips!

The pen. It actually comes in a nice little box. This was in one of my haul post and you can see the box there (link here).

The pen. It actually comes in a nice little box. This was in one of my previous giveaways and you can see the box there (link here).


The product. This one in 49 is a dark warm brown colour.

Description: A twist up multi purpose pen that can be used as an eye liner, lip liner and others. Comes in many different shades and in 0.5 grams of product. There’s a tiny sharpener attached to the end, commonly found in many twist up pencils.

Where to buy: Etude House stores and booths nationwide.

Price: MYR 46 (prices can go down to MYR22 so please either find it online or wait for a promotion).


Swatched; it can be blended but has to be done before it sets. Once it sets it doesn't move.

Swatched; it can be blended but has to be done before it sets. Once it sets it doesn’t move.

Did a water and oil test.

Water test, definitely water proof.

Water test, definitely water proof. The website claims that is is water resistant which is true.

Oil test. It doesn't exactly dissolve but moves when rubbed with oil. This means oily eyelids may just be able to use this without getting the dreaded panda eyes.

Oil test. It doesn’t exactly dissolve but moves when rubbed with oil. This means people with oily eyelids may be able to use this without getting the dreaded panda eyes.



Definitely multi-purpose (makes for a gorgeous lipliner or even a lipstick!).

Budge proof.

Twist up pen; I LOVE!

Decent amount of product.

The wide shade selection is a definite plus!



Not easy to blend so using it as a blusher and a concealer (which the website claims) is a bit of a stretch.

Has a dry formula which does tug a tiny bit on the skin.

Wears off eventually but does give decent wear time (6-7 hours before it starts fading).


Rating: 8.3/10

I am kind of obsessed with this pencil. I am down to the last quarter of it and need to repurchase. Do give this a try! They are pretty amazing!

Product Empties #6

Past product empties links; #1, #2, #3, #4, #5.


IMG_4336I featured this perfume in my Collective Haul (link here). Perfume generics inspired by CK One. After using this I want to actually get the original! Price in haul post.

IMG_4329This is the Etude House Winter Proof cheeks patch. That should have been my warning right there. My skin has become a little more dry over the years that I don’t really get an oily face by the end of the day anymore, however, after using this, my skin became oily for a whole day! I guess it would have made more sense to have actually used it in the winter as the name suggest. 😛 Original price MYR 14, purchased for MYR 3. I will not be repurchasing this!

IMG_4334The Bioderma cleansing water was featured in my past haul post along with the CK One inspired generic perfume. It was provided by MuffinBeauty (link here) for review purposes. MuffinBeauty is a Malaysia’s biggest online beauty community and Beauty Club members can redeem various beauty items to review. However, this product is pretty expensive (here in Malaysia at least) so until I have provisions for such an expensive cleansing water I doubt I would purchase this.

IMG_4333This is a product everyone knows; the Vaseline petroleum jelly. This is actually the tiny tub (50g) and I do have the large one already. Love this as a lip treatment because it helps in exfoliation. Price (50g) MYR 4.80.

IMG_4335I featured another flavour of this Etude House hand cream in my Product Empties #4 and I prefer that over this. This one felt a little more greasy on the hands and this is no surprise because there is a description on the tube that reads, “Rich Butter Hand Cream”. Original price MYR 23 and purchased for MYR 10. Will repurchase the other one and some other flavours when Etude House discounts come along.

Product Empties #4

If you didn’t already know, every time I finish 5 beauty/makeup/skin care products I do a Product Empties post. I don’t repeat products unless it’s some kind of a flavour or colour variation. This time around I don’t have any makeup products.


IMG_3053This is the Simple skincare toner. It is an every day kind of toner. I don’t have sensitive skin and since it is a ‘kind to skin’ it doesn’t really impact my skin that much. If you do have sensitive skin, you ought to give this product a try. Simple is probably one of the most affordable skin care brands at the drugstores in Malaysia. This retails for MYR 17.90 and you can definitely buy it at a cheaper price! Won’t be repurchasing this just because I do want to give other products a try.





IMG_3054This is another Simple product; it is the moisturiser. The problem I had with this is, if I am going out and I am using this moisturiser, my face tends to become very oily. I later switched to applying it before going to bed and when I wake up in the morning my skin does feel a little softer. This retails for MYR 17.90 as well and again, you can definitely buy it at a cheaper price. Won’t be repurchasing this just because I do want to give other products a try.





IMG_3061This is the Etude House hand cream that I shared in a previous post here. They are really nice. Smells pleasant but not too overpowering, absorbs well and feels good on the hands. It retails for MYR 23 but I bought on sale for MYR 10. Will definitely repurchase but only when discounts are offered in the future.



IMG_3044This is the Montagne Jeunesse (now known as 7th Heaven) face mask which I also featured in the previous Product Empties post here. I prefer the previous one to this one but this one smells better. It didn’t really have a profound effect as the previous one did. I got this from Colours Cosmetics Malaysia but they are apparently available at Watsons and retails for MYR 6.90. I may purchase another one or two different flavours in the future!





IMG_3041I featured this in a haul post here. This is a men’s fragrance and it is a local brand available at Watsons. The scent it pretty strong and masculine (forgive me but I am horrible at describing scents). 100ml is plenty and it lasted me longer than I thought it would. It cost only MYR 13.30 and again, like everything at the drugstore, you can most definitely get it for a discount. The only downside is that it does not last on me. 2-3 hours is the most it seems to stick on me. I doubt I’ll repurchase this.

Etude House Hand Cream

Etude House is a Korean cosmetics brand that has been available in Malaysia since 2008. Their price is mid-range or more of a high end drugstore range. However, Etude House is one of those brands that periodically has promotions so one can find their products at budget-friendly rates.

Makeup commonly includes an extra element that is not put on the skin; nail polish. I don’t wear nail polish but what I do use is hand cream. Every nail polish junkie knows that in order to rock beautiful nails, the hands need to be moisturised and well hydrated. As your hands glow, so will those ornamental colours on the nails! Which brings us to today’s post about the Etude House hand cream. Just so you know, this isn’t a review. It is more of a suggestion that you can try out.

Best part is, I got these at MYR 10 per tube!!! I KNOW RIGHT!!! This particular promo is over now but like I said, Etude House is constantly having sales and promotions, so do look out for them.


I got two! Hehe!

I got two! Hehe!


Descriptions on the back are mostly in Korean but there is one part that is in English which I have a close-up of.

Descriptions on the back are mostly in Korean but there is one part that is in English which I have close-up shots of.


How creative is that description!?

How creative is that description?!!! This one has SPF 15.


This one too!

Warm spring sunshine!!! 😀


These hand creams smell nice, absorb well into the skin and leave your hands feeling soft and smooth. They are small tubes with only 25ml of product per tube, however, it does seem to require only a small amount to cover my entire man-hands so I am sure the tube will last quite substantially. They smell amazing and come in several scents so you can pick and choose your preferred scent. Although it says citrus, the one in the yellow tube smells a bit medicinal but the scent is faint so it fades off pretty fast after application. The one in the green tube does smell floral and reminds me of baby powder but like the yellow one, the scent is pretty faint so its not cloying and fades off pretty fast. Overall a lovely product and the packaging is adorable too!