Haul; Collective Haul (#6)

Although collective, this wasn’t a big haul, even considering the fact that my last collective haul post was in October 2015! I might as well have participated in a low buy challenge huh?

Anyway, my picture settings have changed and I would like some feedback. I am loving it so far.


There are also products sent to me for reviewing purposes. So, as I usually do, here’s a breakdown.
Products sent for review


This is a range of products from the brand Paula’s Choice. Popular YouTubers like Tati and Wayne Goss have used and raved about it. I have already been using them and I love it so far (review coming up soon!). In the mean time, if you have heard good things about the brand and want to try it but don’t know where to purchase them here in Malaysia, you can order them from Facial Room Malaysia. Just visit their Facebook page and website for all the information.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Facial-Room-Malaysia-544260578966164/

Website/blog: http://facialroommalaysia.blogspot.my/


I have previously mentioned Muffin Beauty; an online beauty review community in Malaysia. I am a member of their Beauty Club. They recently had a makeover and changed their name to BFF -Asia Beauty and Style (link here). To commemorate this upgrade they sent out a package to all their Beauty Club members with come skincare goodies. The one featured here is the Neesya Brightening Night Rejuvenator. There was also a face mask and some other samples.

Watsons Haul


3x Lipice lipbalms (I’ve already opened, used and reviewed one; link here), original price; MYR 10.50, purchased for; MYR 5 each.

3x Collection Cream Puffs in Angel Delight, original price; MYR 21.05, purchased for; MYR 10.50.

IN2IT Long Wearing Eyebrow Liner, original price; MYR 18.90, purchased for; MYR 17.00

Maybelline Crayon Liner in Brown; MYR 13.65.

Maybelline White Superfresh Liquid Powder; MYR 29.90 (this is far too light for me but I wanted a limited edition Maybelline brush set that came with the purchase – picture below – so basically I paid MYR 29.90 for a set of 3 brushes 😛 ).



AEON Big Haul


Both Essence products.

Make Me Brow; MYR 12.90.

Essence Mono Eyeshadow in 17, No Cream No Sugar; MYR 7.90.



Revlon New Complexion One-Step Makeup, original price; MYR 58.30, purchased for; MYR 40.80.




Guardian Haul

Maybelline Clean Express Miracle Water, original price; MYR 19.90, purchased for; MYR 16.90.



Mydin Haul

Essence I ❤ Stage Eyeshadow Base; MYR 12.90 (MYR 15.80 at Watsons).



Indian shop Haul

I say Indian shop because I have forgotten exactly which shop I bought this from. However, if you are familiar with this brand, you would also know that these products are usually available in Indian shops (Cash N Carry). I bought it from Little India in Penang. Little India is commonly referred to certain places in Malaysia with a heavy concentration of Indian specialty shops.

Franch Moisturizing Cream (200 ml); MYR 9.90.



Also, I would like to share an amazing giveaway by a fellow blogger, Stashy. Stashy actually inspired me to do my 2015 Collective Product Empties post! Hi Stashy!!! Do head over and join her giveaway! Giveaway post link here. Was supposed to pingback this on my last post but I forgot *facepalm*.