Product Regret #9

Let’s just say I am on the HUNT for a makeup sponge that can rival my Stila double ended sponge (review link here). Out of my 8 product regrets post, 2 are of makeup sponges and let’s just add another to the bunch shall we?

It is the Forever 21 makeup brand Love & Beauty and it is mostly beauty tools. I have no idea about their actual makeup product because the local store doesn’t carry them.

They recently ran a, buy 2 get 1 free promotion for the tools. I actually wanted to get the tweezers; the sponge was an impulse purchase, and it is technically free but I still paid for two other products!!!

The sponge! Don't be fooled by the shiny packaging and the cute colours!

The sponge! Don’t be fooled by the shiny packaging and the cute colours!

The brand. Pretty packaging isn't it?

The brand. Pretty packaging isn’t it?

What I liked about it:

It’s pretty.

What I didn’t like:

EVERYTHING ELSE. It is the exact same dud MYR 5 of a sponge I purchased from Mr. DIY (Malaysian version of the dollar store, regrets post link here). Hard as rock and fair warning people, there is a high chance of bruising when bounced of the face. Doesn’t expand when dampened, doesn’t soften either! COMPLETE WASTE OF MY COIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The nice display with the plastic cover masks the softness or lack thereof. Pressing it with the plastic cover on gave me hope! And it was crushed into a million pieces when I took it out!!!!!!!!!!!!

*slaps myself*

Repeat Harivaindaran K. Veeriah, don’t buy anymore makeup sponges unless you know it’s good!!!!


Yes, the superfluous capital letters and exclamation points are to convey my utter dismay and disappointment!!!

15 thoughts on “Product Regret #9

    • Try Instagram sellers. You can find RT sponges at much more affordable prices. I just cannot apply foundation with my fingers… It just doesn’t sit well. Also I hate getting my hands dirty so I only ever use brushes and sponges on my face…


  1. Hahaha!!! I’ve always wanted to get the beauty blender but I just cant go with the price.. ive always been inlove with StyleWurks sponge.. i like it better than Real Techniques too.

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    • Next Sephora 20% sale I am getting the BB. I am going to make the investment because I need to see for myself the difference between the best makeup sponge and everything else!
      StyleWurks huh… I don’t know if I’d be able to find them here… Will look around… Thanks!

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      • I said the same thing to myself.. I need to see it to believe (BB). And they said RT is one great dupe for BB and not a fan of RT. StyleWurks is not very accessible here, I can only find them at Bed Bath & Beyond or at Christmas Tree Shop.

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  2. Aww lol, your what you liked “it’s pretty”. And that’s IT. 😆
    It’s so difficult to tell sometimes with these sponges though. But, I agree, if you’re able to feel it, then you can kind o estimate how squishy it is when wet.
    Do you have H&M beauty there? Their makeup blending sponge is decent and cost $5. The only issue is that it’s WHITE. Why did they do that?

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    • EXACTLY, you can never tell from inside the plastic! If there was a sample that they’d allow me to touch and squeeze I wouldn’t have purchased it!
      Oh yes we do have H&M here and I did stumble upon those! Again, I didn’t want to be bamboozled which is why I didn’t (this was fresh off product regret #6, which was the bad MYR 5 sponge). Since you’ve recommended I’ll definitely be checking them out!


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