Product Regrets #13

I haven’t done one of these in a while, the reason being I don’t flippantly buy cosmetics anymore. Especially if I am paying for it. The fact that this was purchased with Althea free store credit doesn’t make it any less frustrating. This could have gone into something much more worthwhile.

The box. Yes! Very professional and high end looking!

What I liked about it:
It performed very well! Beginner friendly. Good dry down time. Good packaging! It was even priced affordably (MYR 23 when I purchased, it is now MYR 27)! I was very happy. INITIALLY…..

What I didn’t like about it:
I only got to try it out all but THREE times… It dried out. I tried storing it upside down, I tried shaking it vigorously, I tried even cleaning out the tip in case some eyeshadow or something got stuck on to it. All exercise in futility! That’s 23 bucks that could have gone into buying a backup of my favourites!

The frayed tip from trying to hopelessly revive it…

Product Regret #12

Can’t believe there’s two of these in the span of 3 posts!

I generally can make mascaras work for me but this was hands down the WORST I’ve ever used!

The product.


What I liked about it:

The green colour on the tube.


What I didn’t like about it:

EVERYTHING ELSE! It’s like putting on a layer of clear gel on the lashes. It has NO EFFECT on the lashes! It doesn’t dry down fast and ends up smudging. The bristles are too widely spaced to catch any lash. The wand shape and bristles cause smudging during application. I can’t say anything good about this mascara! Not one redeeming quality. Paid MYR 10 for it! That’s a meal down the drain! 😥

TWO COATS OF MASCARA! This is how my lashes would look with clear mascara!

Smudging! HELL NO!!!

Product Regret #9

Let’s just say I am on the HUNT for a makeup sponge that can rival my Stila double ended sponge (review link here). Out of my 8 product regrets post, 2 are of makeup sponges and let’s just add another to the bunch shall we?

It is the Forever 21 makeup brand Love & Beauty and it is mostly beauty tools. I have no idea about their actual makeup product because the local store doesn’t carry them.

They recently ran a, buy 2 get 1 free promotion for the tools. I actually wanted to get the tweezers; the sponge was an impulse purchase, and it is technically free but I still paid for two other products!!!

The sponge! Don't be fooled by the shiny packaging and the cute colours!

The sponge! Don’t be fooled by the shiny packaging and the cute colours!

The brand. Pretty packaging isn't it?

The brand. Pretty packaging isn’t it?

What I liked about it:

It’s pretty.

What I didn’t like:

EVERYTHING ELSE. It is the exact same dud MYR 5 of a sponge I purchased from Mr. DIY (Malaysian version of the dollar store, regrets post link here). Hard as rock and fair warning people, there is a high chance of bruising when bounced of the face. Doesn’t expand when dampened, doesn’t soften either! COMPLETE WASTE OF MY COIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The nice display with the plastic cover masks the softness or lack thereof. Pressing it with the plastic cover on gave me hope! And it was crushed into a million pieces when I took it out!!!!!!!!!!!!

*slaps myself*

Repeat Harivaindaran K. Veeriah, don’t buy anymore makeup sponges unless you know it’s good!!!!


Yes, the superfluous capital letters and exclamation points are to convey my utter dismay and disappointment!!!

Product Regret #8

Two negative posts in a row… 😦 I realised I had this post set up and ready to go before the last one but pushed it forward because I wanted to post the previous, Cathy Doll post up first (link here).

So Silkygirl is perhaps one of the very first mainstream makeup brands in Malaysia that launched a liquid to matte, liquid lipstick. And when it first came out everyone when nuts! And so far I have seen and heard very little complaints about it. However, when I decided to put it to the test I was sorely, SORELY, disappointed…


The product.

Initially swatched.

Initially swatched.

When completely dried down. Gorgeous, true red colour! Absolutely beautiful!

When completely dried down. Gorgeous, true red colour! Absolutely beautiful!

So, as you can see, it’s a gorgeous shade of red and it dries down to a complete matte finish. See, here’s the problem, one coat is not opaque enough to cover the difference in pigmentation of my upper lip and my lower lip. However, it is a complete mess when it is layered. The second coat makes the first layer move around and then it bunches up and crumbles off. When it was worn on the lips, within the first half hour, there was so much product missing from the inner part of the lips. I did try it with my favourite lipliner but when the lipliner wears off so does the product, so it isn’t so much the lipstick but the lipliner that works.Of course this may just be this particular shade…

Sigh…. That’s MYR 18.80 I’m never getting back!!! 😦

Product Regret #7

Ok, so there’s this brand called Cathy Doll in Guardian in Malaysia and I have been curious of one thing. Their Ice Cream Magic Blender makeup sponge. If you have not used a sponge to blend your makeup you are missing out because it gives your makeup the most amazing and flawless finish!

Moving on, here’s the product.



Looks pretty cool right? And it is really soft too.

Now, what I assumed is that it needs to be dampened. But here’s what happened when dampened.


If you can’t already tell the sponge is completely out of shape. And this is after me positioning it for a few minutes to snap the shot!

See here’s what happens when it is dampened. It looses it’s bounciness! Completely! You can squish it down and it holds its shape for a good 10 to 15 seconds! A sponge shouldn’t do that because it then completely looses its ability to push and spread product on the skin. And although it is soft even before being dampened, it cannot actually do much in its dry state. I paid MYR 20.30 for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S A LOT FOR A CHEAPSKATE LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product Regrets #6

Mr. DIY is the Malaysian equivalent of the dollar store. Everything in Mr. DIY is very VERY affordable and the downside of this is that there are bound to be misses. If you know how and where to look, there are some hidden gems there (I have actually found some, here, here, and here).

Alas, this wasn’t one! 😦

I saw this egg shaped sponge which looked a lot like one of those makeup applicators that can be used by wetting it, squeezing out the water and using it damp.

Let’s take a look at some pictures first shall we?

Looks promising doesn't it?

Looks promising doesn’t it? Can you blame me for taking a chance?

Excuse the little plastic thing at the bottom. Used it to prop the sponge upwards.

Excuse the little plastic thing at the bottom. Used it to prop the sponge upwards.

Pretty high claims for something that doesn't work.

Pretty high claims for something that doesn’t work.


Why I didn’t like it;

The appearance is where the similarities with that certain revolutionary yet expensive sponge end. Everything else is completely different. It is so hard that you could actually bruise yourself trying to bounce it off your face. It does not expand and/or become softer with dampening it. It doesn’t help blend powder or cream products. It tugs on the skin. Because it is so hard you cannot manipulate it to fit crevices on the face.

If you feel that you can tolerate all this then, buy it, be my guest!

What’s good about it;

It cost me only MYR 5.30 (I am sore even about this because the same 5.30 can buy me an entire bag of sponges from Daiso).